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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions that are frequently asked. The list will expand thereafter.

Questions about:


Questions about various things


How Web space I have have left?
This information is displayed when you connect to your panel.


What is an account activation delay?
After payment, your account is activated within 10 minutes. You will then receive an email providing you with all the information needed to use the account. FTP access is immediately activated. In terms of web access, commissioning is 9am the next day morning (temporary address, domains).


What is the renewal process?
When your account expires at settlement, it is of course possible to extend it. To do this, simply go to the section management panel "renewal". You can choose to stay on the same offer or change offer. If paying by credit card, your charge is validated immediately.


What is the procedure to change hosting offer?
It is possible you change offer if you wish during the year. For this we propose two solutions:
- If your account expires in less than 6 months, we ask the customer to renew the domain for a period of 12 months on the new offer he wants. This is done directly from the panel section "renewal".
- if the domain expires more than 6 months, then we calculate the pro-rated difference between the two offers. There is no additional charge for this change.


The credit card transaction is it secure?
PHP AFRIQUE secures credit card transactions via its website using a payment system 100% secure. Bank information about you is encrypted by SSL 128bit during the transaction, ensuring total security of your information. PHP AFRIQUE does not have your credit card number, the treatment is performed DIRECTLY by the bank.


How do I name the restrictions files?
You must rename your files restriction Here is the correct syntax:
(1) the first letter of your login.
AuthName "window title"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "/home/users*/(1)/votrelogin/www/"
Require valid-user

* : users2 for the cluster 1, users for the cluster 2.

Passwords that you will put in must have the following syntax:
login: password encrypted
You can encrypt from the management panel.